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Sleeping Dogs

Wei Shen, an young officer working for the San Francisco Police Department gets tasked to go back to his hometown of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong Wei is assigned to the Hong Kong Police Department, in a effort to take down the "Sun on Yee" Wei goes undercover in the triad to gather information and take them down, But the police soon become worried that he is getting attached to his "Friends" such as Jackie Ma. In this journey of Betrayal and High stakes, Will Wei become a "Red Pole" and join the high ranks of the Triads or be discovered by them and buried alive?

Sleeping Dogs™ Definitive Edition | Winston's Wedding | DRIP STAR LIVE

Sleeping Dogs, a Classic open world GTA style story driven game is on sale yet again. One of my favorite games from the X360 and the PC port isn't that terrible. This is one of the most intense parts of the story, Winston's Wedding mission.
Gameplay looks pretty fun, graphics are nice. Any relation to watch dogs?
I actually thought this game was related to it when I first got it, but its it's own unique thing and imo very enjoyable to play. In a nutshell, this game is similar to GTA but focused on the storyline of a double agent working for the Hong Kong PD investigating the Triads and when it comes to combat it is definitely more focused on the use of martial arts and stealth tactics... which is an interesting element to see integrated in a expanded way on the GTA type platform. It also makes some missions considerably more difficult, I noticed that the skill level needed when compared to GTA has a little bit higher prerequisites because there are also various different puzzle elements integrated into the story and side missions as well.

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