Se7enSins Q&A Episode 8 - AzzidReign

Q&A featuring AzzidReign! It seemed as if this video wasn't going to see the light of day, but with the help of the people below we were able to make it happen!

Commentary: Saby, AzzidReign, Kankuro
Commentary Editing: Shinda
Video Editing: Kankuro
Music Track: Resonance
Gameplay Footage: Noobert
"We would enjoy different activities out and around the lake" :eyes:

Skimmed through some parts of it, but it was interesting to hear.
Nice interview.
I forgot you guys did this, pretty interesting answers! I though AzzidReign was going to be a software engineer or programmer or something like that, I'm surprised he's a chiropractor! I haven't been on the site that long so I don't really know many people but still cool to hear this

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