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Scary Saturdays - P.T.

Join Atlas as he wanders through the PS4 Exclusive Horror Game, P.T.
Thank you, comrades :smile: I feel like I'm getting towards the last couple puzzles in P.T., which I hear are extremely difficult to figure out. I know the ultimate ending of P.T., but I'm eager to see what the last few challenges are to get to that ending.
This was one of the first things I downloaded when I got my PS4. Glad I never deleted it.

Wish I could get it off and sell it - I know some loonies who'd pay good money to have a copy. :biggrin:
bundito It's so crazy that even if you've downloaded it before, if you delete it, it is gone forever. Such a shame considering how cool it is. I wouldn't doubt if people still sell PS4's on eBay with P.T. on the HDD for some extra cash.

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