Scary Saturdays - Outlast 2 Part 1

Join Atlas as he investigates the whereabouts of a missing lady.

Atlas, Apr 29, 2017
    • Poloblade1
      Man this game is so good in my opinion. Any game in the woods at night immediately bumps up the anti for me. You think this is better or worse then the original?
    • Kankuro
      Poloblade1 I wouldn't say it's "worse" but I think Outlast 1 had a better atmosphere. This one is more about the chase.
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    • Poloblade1
      Kankuro yeah you got a point. I kinda liked the storyline of outlast 1 but the gameplay was fun for the 2nd
    • Atlas
      Poloblade1 so far I think i still like the original better. But I am just as into the plot of this one. I recorded more footage and it is in the proper people's hands by the way :wink:
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