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Hiding From Jason - Friday The 13th

Trying to hide from Jason in Friday The 13th the game
Mr. Frye, I always enjoy watching your videos. Would you recommend this game? The content seems lacking, and the reviews weren't phenomenal. I'd be curious as to what you think of it!
D Dbunny At first it was unplayable for console users, but after the first update they fixed the matchmaking bug. You can get into a lobby within 30 seconds instead of waiting 10-20 minutes. I personally enjoy this game. This game is fun to play with friends, or random people. It actually makes you work as a team, so having a mic is a plus. If you don't want to escape you can also win with strategy, and kill Jason (haven't done it yet since it's really hard) That's the beauty of this game you have so many opportunities to win the game. The choice is yours. The perks really help out. If you get some nice perks it'll help your team a lot better. Like the Map Perk, if you start with that you can direct your team to the boat or car locations, and you already have an upper hand against Jason. (Trying to get that perk myself at the moment)

But overall it's an addicting game, hope this helped. I can talk about so much more stuff, but I think I mentioned enough.

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