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Container Wallbreach - The Division

Today Jacob Frye teaches us how to wallbreach into a container to avoid enemy fire in The Division!
Lol. It's all about finding those soft spots in the wall. He just goes straight through the wall. Like his animation was too strong so the system said screw it go into the container.

Too bad you can't shoot out of it.

The only thing that can screw you is if the person outside knows how to get in he gets in somehow. Great tutorial as always.
Oh wow. LOL. That would be pretty funny counter troll. Someone thinks they got you because they got in the breach just to realize you're both invincible. :troll:
Jacob Frye
Hulk Hulk Apparently the rouges that were after me knew that so they ended up piling in, and forcing me outside so they can steal my loot. They already knew about the glitch beforehand. If you come across new players then this is a nice camping spot for you to ambush the other players before the helicopter comes.
I was never really much of a fan of this game. But if I still had it I would do this mainly just to piss people off, not to just be running away.
Jacob Frye Jacob Frye That's pretty smart and troll technique. Gang up and fill in the little area so your are forcibly moved out of the breach. That technique sort of reminds me of the famous GTA V wall breach behind the hair cut store. You can push those people who are idle in the breach by running into them and pushing them into the black hole so they automatically spawn outside. Used to do that to people who were in passive mode and then would run them over. :troll:
Wait, so it's possible to leave this spot once you've got into it? If so, that would be awesome to ambush and troll people unsuspectingly! Nice work on sharing this informative video, very helpful!
You can be killed by a sticky bomb. So that idea that you cannot be killed while inside is bulls***.

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