Fail of the Month

Here you can see all of the winners from the Fail of the Month series; which focuses on funny "fail" based clips!

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  1. BreezyieModz
    looks dope
  2. Lil Tod
    Loved it! just what a starter would need. Just keep em coming. Ty for the tips
  3. Government
    Have you ever been hunting in real life? It is a game but it does have accuracy to real life hunting. You can track an animal for 3+ hours and never find it except for its scat. Yes maybe the...
  4. Claws
    JOKEROFXBOX There is a lot more to it than just sound. Scent and sight are both big factors you have to look out for as well. Scent blockers and calls are both very helpful as well. It's not meant...
    My brother and I were searching for animals for 2 hours, and found absolutely nothing. Not even a bunny. Just leaves, branches, feces, etc.