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Sin Tokens

How to earn more Sin Tokens

Below are the different ways to earn Sin Tokens as well as the amount of tokens earned. When making the token request, please include a form of proof. Valid proof includes links and screenshots (valid in certain circumstances). Tokens are not awarded for anything prior to v7.


Premium Purchases

For every month that you purchase, you will be given 1 token. This includes the multi-month discount packages too! So if you buy 1 year, you get 12 tokens, which means you can extend your 1 year package by another month or gift that month to another user. This includes gifting others. These should be given to your account automatically and if they are not, please open a token request with proof of purchase (paypal email works best).



If an article you submitted to the Homepage was approved you will earn 2 Sin Tokens. Additionally, getting 3 approved topics in the Topic Submission forum will earn you 1 Sin Token.


Social Media

A thread you created was posted on one or more of our social media outlets, such as our official Facebook and/or our official Twitter. This will earn you 1 Sin Token. Note: Articles do not count towards this and Sin Tokens do not stack if posted to multiple social media outlets.



A video you posted in YouTube Submissions was uploaded to the official Se7enSins Youtube channel. This will earn you 2 Sin Tokens.



Any clip used in Mini-Series for the YouTube (Ex. Wacky Wednesdays & Twitch Highlights) will earn you 1 Sin Token per video. Gameplay clips used in the Q&A series also count towards this.



A thread you posted anywhere on Se7enSins has made it to the front page of a subreddit. The only subreddit currently rewarded is /r/gaming. This will earn you 3 Sin Tokens. 6 Sin Tokens will be rewarded for a Reddit front page thread.


XotM Winner

Winning any X of the Month competition. The current "of the Month" competitions that qualify are Member of the Month, Topic of the Month, Fail of the Month, Edit of the Month, and Clip of the Month. These competitions will earn you 3 Sin Tokens.


Community Spotlight

You have been chosen as the holder of the title "Community Spotlight". This will snag you 3 Sin Tokens.


Design of the Fortnight

Winning the Design of the Fortnight competition. This will earn you 5 tokens per win. 2nd place wins will score you 3 tokens per win.


End of The Year

Winning any category in the annual "End of the Year" event. This will earn you 3 Sin Tokens.

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