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Board Rules

General Board

#1.1 Se7ensins tries to aim all public content at a general audience. Please refrain from posting vulgar topics and/or responses. Such topics include, but are not limited to: Nudity, porn, and explicit content. Such content hidden in spoiler tags, or sent through the use of private messaging, is not allowed as well.

#1.2 Problems with the board structure, or management, should be handled with the board staff. Such issues should not become a public topic, and should be voiced in a Ticket using the appropriate category.

#1.3 Members may communicate with the administration team personally at their request by creating a ticket with the Admin Issues category. Please note with the small amount of administrators, replies may take longer. Some administrators are open for private messaging.

#1.4 We are an English speaking board. Please refrain from making threads in another language.

#1.5 Mini-moderating will not be tolerated. Mini-modding refers to throwing in comments such as, but not limited to, "Reported," "wrong section," etc... after a post that violates the rules. Such offences should be reported, and left alone for the staff to handle. We encourage members not to add their own input.

#1.6 These are board-wide rules that should be followed at all times. Violation may result in an infraction, which in time can lead to a suspension or a permanent ban.

#1.7 Some sections and sub-sections throughout the board contain basic guidelines which should also be enforced alongside. Pay attention to pinned topics which layout such guidelines.

#1.8 Make sure certain reported items are based on the following rules (including those in sub-sections). Abuse of the reports system, such as reporting for false or unreasonable causes, may be subject to further punishment

#1.9 We enforce a "One Account Policy". We do this to ensure the safety as well as the rights and freedoms of all our other users/members. Anyone found creating an additional account can result in a ban. If you can no longer access your old account, please use the Contact Us page to request help in retrieving your account.

Warning System

#2.1 The warning system is based on a set amount of points. These points do not expire. Various offences are accumulated for a set number of points, however may be altered depending on the level of offence:

  • 10 Points = 3 day suspension
  • 20 Points = 2 week suspension
  • 30 Points = 1 month suspension
  • 40 Points = Permanent ban

#2.2 Any user who has been banned or suspended is not allowed to create a second account to bypass the said ban or suspension. Doing so will result in the current account being banned.

#2.3 Users who bypass their suspension by means of multiple accounts can result in said users main account suspension being extended, or resulting in a permanent ban on their main account.

#2.4 Warnings are a direct result of violating the rules, whether they be board-wide or section guidelines.

Any disagreement with a certain rule must be taken up with said staff member in privacy via private messaging, and are between that of the staff member and member, and must not involve the public. Other staff members may intervene if necessary. Please note that the same level of respect must be used, and depending on the situations, warnings have a possibility of be overturned.

You may also create a ticket about any concerns regarding problems. Moderation actions must not be discussed in public for personal reasons or otherwise.

If you would like to speak to administration directly, create a ticket using the Admin Issues category for it to be viewed and responded to only by Administrators. Administration Issues should also be used if one has a direct problem with certain staff members. Making any of these issues a public problem, or disrespect towards a staff member may result in a warning.

#2.5 Warning points vary by infraction. Some violations are worth more points than others and, depending on the level of offence, may result in faster bans / suspensions.

Posting Guidelines

#3.1 Make sure all post descriptions are valid and well-mannered.

#3.2 All topics and replies must be met with respect for a fellow member. Any disrespect or flaming is a violation of the rules and users will be punished. Refer to our outline of being respectful to other members on the board.

#3.3 Content in posts / topics / responses must not contain, but not limited to:

  1. Flaming / Disrespect towards other members or staff.
  2. Sexual Harassment.
  3. One-liner responses ("+1","lol", use of emotion).
  4. Bypassing word filter.
  5. Begging for "likes."
  6. Advertising illegal or forbidden content or activities.
  7. Racism, Sexism, or any form of hate crime (in form of text or image).
  8. Excessive typing (i.e, "LOOOOOOOOOOOOL") that results in breaking the forum width.
  9. Selling / Trading / Offering of unapproved digital contents, illegal content, or forbidden activities in sections that don't allow it. This also includes directing members offsite to conduct these activities.
  10. Nudity, graphic, or explicit content.
  11. Referral links from any website or forum.

#3.4 Flaming, or provoking of members, is not tolerated. Through public or private messaging (if reported to the staff) can be subject to warnings.

#3.5 Se7ensins is not liable about any arguments or issues taking place outside the forum.

#3.6 We encourage members to make legible posts to make their content easier to understand. Members are not encouraged to taunt or degrade others based on their grammar use.

#3.7 Posts/PM's containing content that is determined to be malicious in nature depending on the context of the post.

#3.8 Posts/PM's containing personal information ("dox"), false impersonations, illegal content (such as warez), selling of personal or confidential information, are a violation of the rules. This extends to private messaging as well.

#3.9 We encourage you to try to refrain from quoting posts containing mass text and/or quotes, media, or images. Please edit your post down to the relative content you are aiming to quote for a more precise response. If you want to reach out to a member in a topic, you can refer to the @username tagging.

#3.10 Bumping of ones own topic for the sake of gaining lead over other topics is not allowed. However, if a person comes across a topic that is dated, and has relevant information or response to add, the user is allowed to reply under those circumstances without punishment.

Bumping is allowed in the B/S/T section, and other various sub-sections if permitted in their respected guidelines ONLY every 48 hours. Multiple offences can result in the members thread being permanently removed.

#3.11 We encourage users to refrain from double posting. If you have something to add to your post, use the edit button.

#3.12 Derailing a topic in discussion by posting off-topic replies or content is also a violation of the rules, and can result in a warning or further punishment.

#3.13 Do not encourage, or ask for threads to be pinned. That is a decision left for the staff to decide based on the content provided in said topic.

#3.14 Before posting, please check the section for our section specific rules. By not following the section specific rules, your account may be infracted or banned. Agreeing to these terms means you know about each section specific rules and you agree to abide by them.

#3.15 Abuse of the rating system will lead to a warning and the removal of rating privileges for a 3 month period.

Spam Outlines

#4.1 Advertising is not allowed in any public content (i.e., profile, profile posts, topic replies, signatures, avatars, etc...). Advertising, or posting of referral links, is a violation of the rules and can result in a warning and/or further punishment. Advertising is only permitted with the approval of the Administration Team. To submit a request for approval simply create a ticket in the Admin Issues category.

#4.2 Excessive posting of any advertising will result in an automatic ban without warning.

#4.3 Excessive posting to increase post count is also a violation, and can result in a warning or further punishment depending on the level of offence.

#4.4 Spam posts are also a violation of the rules. We discourage members from posting useless replies that does not add to the topic. Spam replies are as listed, but not limited to:

  • One-liner responses such as: +1, lol, first, haha, etc...
  • Use of meme phrases such as: cool story bro, lolwut?, etc...
  • Use of emotion-only replies such as: :) , etc...
  • These are strictly enforced in all general forums, and topics of discussions, excluding The Funhouse forum.

#4.5 Excessive posting of the same topic is also a violation of the rules, and can result in topic deletion, a warning, and possible further punishment.

Private Messages

#5.1 Posting restrictions also extend over to private messaging. Any violations reported to the staff in private messages can be punishable.

#5.2 Messages from staff may be important, and is the responsibility of the end user to attend to the request or note from staff. Any pre-warning inside the message that goes unread may result in the described action being taken, or any action being taken depending on the situation.

Avatar, Profile, & Signature Guidelines

#6.1 Avatars are limited to 200 pixels by 200 pixels.

Currently, only static image formats (.PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, etc...) are recommended. GIFs may be uploaded, but animation is only permitted for premium members.

#6.2 Signature heights are restricted to 200 pixels, maximum.

#6.3 Prohibited content for both avatars and signatures include, but not limited to:

  1. Graphic or Explicit content.
  2. Advertisement/Referral Links (Youtube and Twitter links will be allowed unless you are advertising your own modding/glitching/gaming news site on either of the sites). Twitch accounts are permitted on the Streams tab for Premium members.
  3. Asking for donations (including off-site methods of contact).
  4. Nudity, revealing, or sexually suggestive content (NSFW, 18+)
  5. Media (such as flash, videos, etc..).
  6. Begging for "likes."
  7. Advertising illegal content, forbidden content, or forbidden activities.
  8. Racial impressions.
  9. Disrespect towards any member or staff.
  10. Referral links from any website or forum.
  11. Animated Avatars and Signatures are not permitted for non-premium members.

#6.4 Staff icons, symbols, or images are prohibited for use. All avatars must be distinct from ones currently in use by current staff to refrain from possible confusion or impersonation (unless authorized by a staff member).

#6.5 Violation of these rules can result in said member losing their ability to alter their avatar and/or signature, and can be disabled for an extended amount of time or permanently.

Award Rules and Guidelines

#7.1 If you fail to abide by these rules your award request is subject to denial.

#7.2 You must include the name of the award you are requesting in the title.

#7.3 You must provide sufficient proof that you are deserving of the award.

#7.4 You can only request one award per 2 days.

#7.5 If your request is denied, you cannot request that award again until the following month.

#7.6 Do not PM a staff member asking why your award request was denied.

#7.7 The Veteran and Forum Addict awards are automatically awarded, so please check in the Manage Awards page in your user settings.

#7.8 If you are requesting the Donator award, please provide sufficient evidence, such as pictures of the PayPal transactions.

Final Guidelines

#8.1 Upon registration grants automatic agreement to these forum guidelines, and all other guidelines in sub-sections.

#8.2 Although rules are subject to change, members will be notified after changes have taken place. Such changes will be announced in the announcement section, and is everyone responsibility to check for updates. Changes are effective immediately.

#8.3 We do not encourage any of our users to spam our website on any other sites. If you are a victim of such activities, please register and make a ticket, or contact at webmaster[AT]se7ensins[DOT]com. We will request the necessary details, and attempt to punish users who condone in such acts.

#8.4 Se7ensins is not liable for any scams, selling, or trading made off the site. Any back-door transactions and activity are done at the risk of all members, and we may not take action on any situation if brought to our attention. If you are scammed on the site, please ensure you have liable details and proof, and then proceed by creating a ticket with the General category, in which we will try to assist in any attempt to resolve the issue depending on the situation. Punishment will be decided depending on the outcome.

#8.5 Do not request any staff position, premium content, or and other ranking exclusive on the site. Any leak of premium content or confidential information will be punishable. Depending on the level of offense, termination of Premium access is liable, regardless of payment or remainder of access, and is not refundable in this situation. Other statuses' may be revoked, with a warning, suspension, or permanent ban to follow.

#8.6 You are granting us with a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, unlimited license to use, publish, or re-publish your Content in connection with the Service. You retain copyright over the Content.

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