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Unsolved Zyphr Jtag 3 rrod (Error code 1023 - E75) Please Help :\


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Hi there,
I recently bought a zyphr JTAG from a member of this site and it recently has rrod.
When I turn on the xbox, 3 red rings appear. The Jtag has a 12v volt fan and is full functioning. I checked to see what the error was and it was 1023, which is E75 and means that ethernet controller issue OR dvd unplugged.
Tomorrow i will receive my torx screwdriver so I'll be able to open it up. I'll also have all the equipment for the Xclamp fix.

Should I try to overheat it? Do the Xclamp fix? Unplug the dvd drive and replug it? Does anyone have any ideas and has anyone else had this problem before?

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you guys can get this to work I'll host some lobbies for s7 :wink:

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