zombie verruckt stratey guide


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First of all there will be no video for this guide so i will make it as simple as possible.

American side:
First decide who is going to take the front room and who will take the back room and side window. Next let the zombies in the first two rounds knife them when they get in save your colt ammo for round 3. After round 3 you should have just enough to buy the m1 grand off the wall. Use up your colt ammo to rack up point then move to the m1 grand ( head shots are very effetive and get you the most points beside your knife). Stay in the front room until you have around 2500 points then buy the door and replace your colt with the thompson. Then camp on the stairs and use your m1 grand to get points. When you have enough points buy the stairs and camp in the corner by the BAR with bipod. One person can watch the stairs while the other watchs the wall and balcony. When you have enough points replace the m1 grand with the trench gun (1500 points) camp there until you have about 2000 points apiece. Then figure who will buy which door you will be able to get to the power room. Camp at the power room turn on the power so the others can get to you. Then start hitting the box when everyone is there make a crawler and the end of the round and one person go for betties. Place your betties at the bottom of the stairs so if a zombie comes from down there you will know. If you get over whelmed then buy the door behind you and the other door and go to the cat walk and camp at the end that the window is at. You should be able to servive there for a while. Buy perks in whatever order you feel you need them. (recommended that you get speed cola first then juggernog then quick revive double tap if you think you need it).

German side:
Just like the american side let the zombies in the first couple rounds and decide who will watch the back room and front room. Knife the zombies the first 2 rounds and save the colt ammo. When you have enough points get the gewehr 43 off the wall. Then use up your colt ammo then go to the gewehr 43 (again head shots are very effective). Hold out as long as you can until the people on the american side get to the power room (dont not buy the stairs unless you really have to). When the power is on go up the american side way and straight to the power room. Then whatever you feel like doing after you all get up there and get good guns from the box do what ever you want. If you need help send me a message saying s7 so i know it from the post. My tag is PonyPwnage420 good hunting.:thumbup:
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