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Unsolved XvddKeyslotUtil - Dump MSIXVC Keys

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Hello guys I copied the title from the last thread that was deleted but some guy gave the download and the step by step guide but I was to lazy to even transfer the thread here, but now its deleted. He mention he has the Keys and actually showed us how to decrypt and encrypt something that would let us use the game files. He did mentions he only can do if the xbox one game is available on PC and that the console keys are protected by something .. I really forgot but he gave a bunch of write ups

I will try to get tHE admin of that site to reopen the thread so I can copy the details

S Sketch Do you know anything on this matter, have you guys already looked intoMSIXVC?

Ok I found A way to get back into that deleted thread here what was type

Hey all,

After some time of consideration I have decided to share a utility that I wrote up to read the keyslot table for grabbing the encryption keys for MSIXVC packages on Windows. As the driver is pretty much 1:1 to the Xbox variant, despite some changes in regards to the storage of these keys, it was quite easy to debug and figure out the location.

This is primarily for those who may want to modify their games without having to put up with the annoying, sometimes OS-breaking ways to simply patch an executable, change or add new files. Once you extract the contents, you have full control over your own games.

How does it work?

This utility will directly gather the current stored keys that is stored in kernel memory and write them to disk based on the output directory path provided. Due to the kernel access needed I went with Kernel-Bridge, so for anyone alarmed please keep in mind that the only operation this is doing is for reading two fixed address data, as it's a very simple yet flexible way to simplify this process. Once the keys are dumped and written to disk, you can add these to xvdtool to decrypt your target packages.

How to use:
Make sure you are up-to-date on Windows 10, have the Xbox app and GamingServices installed and also make sure that GamingServices is updated.

Before you use the utility, you must select the "install" button on your target game via the Xbox app which will load the license into memory. It might take a second for it to appear but it should be loaded while it installs. You can capture the network with Fiddler to get the direct package link to download manually then cancel the install in the Xbox app. You can also look into StoreLib, provided at the bottom, if you want a more easier way for querying package information.

Then you can run the util as such:

Example usage :
[Make sure you use full-paths and that the --output directory exists beforehand]

xvddkeyslotutil --output "E:\CIK" --kb "E:\Kernel-Bridge\Kernel-Bridge.sys"
You may then copy the CIK data into the "Cik" folder where you have XVDTool extracted.

Using XVDTool
Check the package information to keep note of the Encryption Key GUID 0 (you might need to output to a txt file):

xvdtool -i -nd "Path to MSIXVC"

Decrypt the package with the specified CIK:

Spoiler: Instructions
xvdtool -nd -eu -cik b9fe2493-c792-c751-9c18-bd27f3a2587a -cikfile "E:\CIK\b9fe2493-c792-c751-9c18-bd27f3a2587a.cik" -o "E:\Games\DecryptedGame.MSIXVC" "E:\Games\OriginalGame.MSIXVC"

Once the package is decrypted, you can use xvdtool's built in extraction utility to extract the files without having to mount:

Spoiler: Instructions
xvdtool -xf "E:\Games\ExtractDir" "E:\Games\DecryptedGame.MSIXVC"

Optional: Re-register the extracted package
Spoiler: Instructions
Open PowerShell in the extracted game directory and run the following command:
Add-AppxPackage -Register AppxManifest.xml
(this might not work correctly on every game

Xbox App:

v0.1.0 - 2020/09/21 - Initial release


Sadly i cant get the download since thread was deleted
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