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Is this a good tool and would you use it?

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Hello Se7ensins, I saw a lot of XUID spoofers where you either have to pay or enter the XUID so I thought I'd just make my own for ease. It's a lot like the XUID spoofer in ApparitionNET. This has not been obfuscated (Encrypted) so if you think I'm trying to steal KVs just go check the source.

Also my name on many other forums is "Spoderman" but it was already taken on here so I couldn't use it but this was made by me :smile:

What does an XUID spooder do? An XUID spoofer spoofs the ID of your profile to make the game and others think you're someone else e.g. FaZe or OpTiC and such other famous players, it also lowers the risk of your KVs getting banned!

As you can see, mine is very small (the tool, not my penis) and simple to use all you need to do is enter a gamertag and my tool will fetch the XUID and spoof it to your game!

What does this XUID spoofer support?
-Call of Duty 4
-World at War
-Modern Warfare 2
-Black Ops
-Modern Warfare 3

I'm also trying to find or make a function to use it on the dashboard for parties.

EXE Virus Scan
RAR Virus Scan I'm not sure why it has 1 bad detection but it is safe!


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It's funny how many XUID spoofers i see with the exact same code as a certain other XUID spoofer, lel.
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