XLink Kai use with Halo Remapped

Discussion in 'Halo 2' started by Fiahhh, Nov 8, 2008 with 2 replies and 779 views.

  1. Fiahhh

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    Being the noob I am, I very recently discovered both the Halo Remapped V. 2 Disc 1. (I plan to find someway to acquire the other discs later) I also found out about XLink Kai, which I believe most would know of. And personally, I have played a lot of Halo 2, and am kinda bored of its tiny amount of maps.

    Then I figured, why not play Remapped over XLink Kai? The only problem is most people use normal Halo 2 instead of Remapped for it, but Remapped really makes the game more fun..

    So, I was thinking that if enough people played Halo 2 still, there could be kind of like a "team", or group of people willing to play Remapped over XLink every once in awhile.
  2. Sean_J

    Sean_J Enthusiast

    Good Luck M8, Xlink Kai is fairly popular, but not many people have the remapped maps. Ill Be willing to play with you and i guarantee i could get some others to, Being i am The Biggest host in North America. I'm Hosting 24/7 Look For my games under the name SeanJ and Join My games as long as there isnt a character names SeanJ isn't Here then i am playing. And talk to me and ill throw up some remapped games for people to play :smile:
  3. blumoon94

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    i play the remapped and other mods on xlink, i have the same problem you do.....

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