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Tools XenuStudio Elite - The Prebuilt Modding Tool For The PC Platform No Coding Required - Version (Including Download Link)

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Well here it is after an Month of development here is the first version on XenuStudio Elite. I'm really excited to bring a program like this to the modding community and I can't wait to see what everyone is going to do with it.

40 Customizable Controls
Preset User Friendly Design
Supports 32Bit Applications (Games)
Toggle Mods
Slider Mods
String Mods
Enable Panels/Disable Panels
Enable Tabs/Disable Tabs
Easy To Use ToolBox
Customisation Program Properties
Value Types (4 Bytes - Float - String)
Shareable INI File
Installer Package

Please note that this tool is not only for call of duty but any PC game that is an 32bit Application and one that dose not require pointers

Virus Scan (Click Here) - One false positive due to obfuscation

Download link (Click Here)
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