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Unsolved Xbox360 turns off after launching GTA V with mod menu



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I've been trying to download a mod menu on my jailbroken Xbox for a while now. The game is downloaded properly, got the files online but it works just fine when loaded without mods. Disc 1 is in my Hdd/content/00000 and Disc 2 is on my Hdd/Games. I even downloaded TU27 and it works fine. The problem is whenever I load the game up with a mod menu, whether it is a plugin or a TU mod menu, the Xbox just shuts off and reboots after a few minutes. I tried a few different plugin menus like SkyAcro and Pandora, and set them up as plugins in dashlaunch, and also tried a mod loader that is installed as a title update. They all cause the same issue. I am not using a stealth server. I did notice something with one of the menus tho, DEVILS PLAYGROUND to be specific. When you launch this menu it brings up an alert with the news and stuff. I noticed that when I accept it, it crashes like it does normally but if I leave it on the screen, the game loads up into story mode in the background but when I decline or accept the alert it turns off again.
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