Solved Xbox totally messed up! help!


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hi all,

i flashed my xbox 360 benq drive using dosflash64 with win 7 x64 following the tutorial on this site. i connected the drive straight to my motherboard and dosflash64 read it, i saved the original .bin file. so i still have the original. after writing the 1.61 firmware (after being spoofed with JF). after this my xbox wont play any original games.

also after this my xbox keeps overheated really fast. all the fans immediatly start spinning faster and faster until it over heats. takes about 1 min for it to over heat. if its cold. i cleaned all the thermal compound and applied new arctic silver on the cpu and the gpu but still no change.

im using windows xp pro x32 now and i bought the VIA 6421a sata card and thought maybe that will help but my JF doesnt notice the drive, dosflash 32 does notice the drive and i try to flash it but still no change, also tried to do a restore following this tutorial Robin Hoods Playground • View topic - Bad 360 Benq or 360 Samsung flash do this RESTORE but that also does not notice my drive.

i think i pretty much tried everything!:cursing: does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? do you think that hte overheating, open tray, and not reading games is alll because of a bad flash? i unhooked the drive and powered the xbox on but still overheats really fast so its not the drive thats causing the problem? i dont even know anymore. everything worked perfect before i tried to flash it.

please some one help meeee!!!!!

thanks in advance!


i was able to flash it back to original and my drive got noticed with Iprep using the link i posted before. but still open tray error and overheats!!!! im thinking it might be my laser, ill try the DOT fix. anyone have any other ideas? my laser worked fine before i tried to flash my drive. could the flashing have ruined my laser?



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Over heating? did you put the fan shroud back on? because the first version of the xbox wouldn't overheat within 1 min, make sure you put the fanshroud back on.

You might of knocked the disktray so try this:
disk tray error could be the laser not calibrated properly, google "Xbox 360 Pot Calibration" and you will find some tutorials, and dont do it if you havnt got the right equipment.
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