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Game Mods [xbox] Rainbow Six 3 Custom Maps [not active]

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after finding an old thread on xbox-scene i have found out how to bring maps from pc to xbox and i will be posting maps that i know work here

also if i or anyone cares you can also make your own maps on pc and convert it to xbox

[NOTE] im gonna release a mappack if/when i can so it'll be easier to install maps and to make sure all game modes work for the maps that support it

[NOTE 2] these maps are not a perfect conversion as theres some invisible stuff in maps etc. i never found out how to fix it

>Current Map Count<

Rainbow Six 3 Unofficial Mappack
http://www.mediafire.com/file/996sbjq1e ... al.7z/file

how to install these maps

1 you need the game installed on the hdd
2 do this \/

Put the .ini and the .rsm files for your map in the “Maps” folder.
Put the .int file for your map in the “System” folder.
Put any StaticMeshes (.usx files), if you have any, in the “StaticMeshes” folder.
Put any Textures (.utx files), if you have any, in the “Textures” folder.
5. The .tga file goes in a number of sub-folders inside the “Maps” folder.
There, you’ll find the folders listed below. Put a copy of the .tga file in each of them.
/... /Maps/int/

or wait until mappack which should hopefully be small enough for all

you can fix the map name by editing the .int file

heres the site i used https://web.archive.org/web/20080101011 ... need1.html
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