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    I have 2 Xbox originals both soft modded:

    The first one i mod the new halo 2 maps(so halo 2 is not on my hdd)

    The 2nd I mod the old Halo 2 maps...i just recently modded this xbox.....and i put Halo 2 on my hard drive and i realized........I only have 100mb left.

    So my question is

    1.In what ways can i increase my memory

    2.How much $ would a 50-100GB Hard drive for an Xbox cost and would it be worth it or is there something else i can do.

    3. kinda stupid but is there one way ahahah that i can basically hook both hard drives into one xbox basicaaly doubling my memory so i could have halo 2 on my hard drive and the new map pack on the other and probaly get all of the Killtrocity maps on there or something like that lol

    Any Help would be Nice

    Peace Out
  2. VexxVoid

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    Well you have a few options,
    You can burn you modded halo maps onto a dvd,
    or you can upgrade your hard drive using a normal pc hdd.

    Look at the tuts, and last time I checked a 300gb hdd at best buy was like 120 bucks.

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    *Edit* By the way this should be in the "Xbox Support" section.

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