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Unsolved Xbox original games on xbox 360 slim via Xk3y



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Dear Se7ensins,

Hi y'all I'm new to this forum so HI :smile:. I have a Xbox 360 slim 250gb with a Xk3y. I saw a guy playing xbox original games via his xk3y on his xbox 360 but he didn't explain how..... So I went searching I've got a game (sonic heroes from theisozone website) I have tried different games. I put it on a usb put it in my Xk3y directly (I don't have a remote) so via the iso menu I loaded up the game the "disc app" says play sonic heroes so I hit a to play and than this happens (see video link my xbox is in dutch because I am dutch ;P): see at the end of the thread.Iit is not the best quality and I have speed-ed it up a to make it shorter but you can see my problem here.
I have the newest frimware from xk3y 1.30 and i updated my xbox360 today, I have also tried different games I did try xbe patching via "XDVDMulleter Beta 10" but it says it can't fix the xbe so maybe that's it I don't know hope you people do.

Kind regards: Ruben

Sorry for my bad English.
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