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Unsolved xbox neighbourhood problem



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Basically, on my old hdd, I could connect to xbox neighbourhood with the name Jtag but ever since i got a new hdd for my xbox, i could only connect successfully by entering the ip in manually. this is annoying as the ip likes to change quite often. that being said the error being thrown up is " 'Jtag' could not be found ". my xbdm.xex is in plugin slot 1 and my xbdm.ini is stock - that being:
dbgname name="Jtag"
setcolor name="nosidecar"
dumpmode smart

any help is appreciated but this is really annoying.
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fixed it. for anyone else with this issue, if you have nord vpn, even if the vpn is off, go into the setting and turn nordlynx off. see attached image for the setting to turn off.
setting <----- image
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