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Discussion Xbox Live's Major Nelson gives HTML5 Games website the thumbs up.

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Xbox lives major nelson announced yesterday that there is indeed a games website which plays titles such as missile launch, Pacman & many more he unofficialy announced this via twitter where he said there is not many games out at the moment for xbox one but there is always the HTML5 website which is the amazing http://xboxie.com/ this site supports xbox one, 360, ps3 & 4 and also of course pc this is available via internet Explorer or the ps3, 4's browser.

So all gamers enjoy this website I know I will.

Some more information
On the lookout for a few new games for your Xbox One? For a change, there's no need to part with any money!Xboxie.comprovides access to an online collection of games that can be accessed through the Xbox One's Internet Explorer app, and can be played using the console'scontroller.

All of the games that are feature on the site have been tried and tested to ensure that they work correctly with a controller, and there are quite a few titles to choose from. Yeah, OK, so none of the games are going to blow you away -- don’t expect to be playing the latest version of Halo in your browser.

Despite the fact this is not an officially sanctioned cite, it still gets the thumbs up from Major Nelson.

Larry Hryb tweeted about the site more than once, first announcing its existence and then giving a little detail about its purpose.

The sites administration team have swore to keep it updated as the numbers of visitors continue to explode onto the website.

The PS3 & 4 version of this website is slightly diffrent has a few diffrent games it also works on xbox one so its not only play station the website is sonyfied.com the administration team of this site have also vowed to keep constantly update the site this is all for now.

-50 Pence out.

Source-- http://www.winbeta.org/news/unoffic...html5-xbox-one-games-gets-thumbs-major-nelson
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