Solved Xbox Live Ban?

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    I realize Halo 2 modding is dead but i still like to. So i have been hearing that Bungie no longer bans modders on Halo 2 Matchmaking and they just get booted in 20 seconds. Is all that true? :? Can i mod on XBL in Halo 2 in custom games? i'm kind of a n00b when it comes to modding online b/c i got banned a long time ago when i was an uber n00b.
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    yes thats true.... it breaks my heart too.. lol. i remember owning matchmaking and having fun modding as a young high schooler in 2005 - 2007.. but yeah, its all dead.. i remember like about a year ago (2008) i tried modding online but i got booted out within 10 seconds, but i didnt get banned. and yes you can play in custome games. lol. im actually looking for stuff that can like disguis me or somehting so i can mod all day lol btu i doubt it exists

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