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[XBOX] L4 Other Skilled Players [OR] Helping Others

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Looking For Skilled Players On Xbox:
So, basically the title says it all. I'm looking for a team to play extinction mode. I'm ranked in the 900s in the world, using only 1 relic (have yet to unlock more...time has been limited lately). My score is #1 for using only one relic, however, as I can't seem to find another 1 relic person that has passed my score, looking intently at the high scores.

If you know what are doing, have a mic, know how to play the game, do challenges, and get platinum escapes, then PM me your Gamertag. My schedule is clearing up, so I'll add you when I am on. If I never add you, don't get offended - I have just gotten caught up in work / university stuff again.

If You Need Help In Extinction:
If you are a player that just started playing extinction, have no idea what you are doing, and don't know any of the tips / strategies, send me a PM with your gamertag asking for help. If I find myself with additional free time, I'll add you and help you out. I don't mind helping ^_^. I can almost guarantee a platinum run if you can follow what I say.

Even though the title says this, I will state again that this is for the Xbox 360.


SideNote: I have this thread in the matches section as well. I think Extinction players will visit this sub-forum more often, so I have posted this here as well. If this is not allowed, then a moderator can feel free to remove this thread. Thank you.


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What up, hit me up im pretty ggood

I have done with relics on before

Gamertag: CHUCKN0RRIS189
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