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  1. DarkLord0912

    DarkLord0912 Newbie

    I just want to run a few questions to the modding community before I do anything.:thumbdown:

    I have to hotswap my regular xbox HD because a stupid {knowing} mistake I made...:cursing: Now I get the error 21 message Yeah I know Sucks any who...

    I have a really new computer 2007 I think, windows vista:biggrin: I opened the case out side my hard drive on my PC It has 1 Hard 500Gb, I located the IDE cable, I follwed the cable from the motherboard... to a empty plug along the IDE cable to the end were it's hooked to the hard drive.

    Questions time<_<

    1. Is it possible to just hook my hard drive to the empty slot along the IDE cable and let my PC boot it from there? {after the required steps}

    2. Im just doing this hotswap to restore my HD, I backed up the necc. files on my xbox Is this a good thing? Will this help in restoring my HD?

    3. Do I need a linux save burned to a cd If so what Are all the programs I need for this hot swap? Where to get these accurate programs? I just dont want to damage this computer It's really expensive..{Oh yeah it's not mine}

    4. One last thing Does me just disconnecting the PC HD to read the xbox cause any type of damage If so what should I avoid???

    Thanks for any help:thumbup:
  2. feudalnate

    feudalnate Banned VIP

    1. Yes you can hook it into the empty slot of the IDE, but make sure to set the jumper on the Xbox HD to slave if your going to be using Xplorer so you are able to boot into windows (assuming your PC HD is hooked up to the same IDE)

    2. Yes, having your files backed up is a good thing (why wouldn't it be?)

    3. If your going to be using the Xbox Hard Drive Magic (XboxHDM) method of restoring your HD then you will need to grab that from google or Xbins, if your planning on using Windows to restore your HD then you will need to grab Xplorer360 or one of the many FATX programs from Xbox-Scene, located in the Tools>Harddrive Tools section. (Also available on Xbins)

    4. Unless you plan to rip the IDE out the back of your PC HD as hard as you possibly can, you should be alright.

    Look over the hotswap tutorial pinned in the Xbox Tutorials>Xbox Softmod here on Se7enSins and also view this tutorial on AfterDawn:

    Hotswap Can Fix Xbox With Error 13, 14, 16, 20 And 21. Hotswap Can Reinstall Xbox's HDD To Factory Condition. Hotswap Also Install Or Reinstall Softmod Files. All Dashboard Problems Go Here. A Trick To Use Xboxhdm In Hotswap UPDATED 12/12/2006.

    Make sure you know what your doing before attempting, because Xboxs don't like to be doorstops :frown:

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