Xbox freezes when loading game, cant recover account.

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    So I was playing co-op campaign on cod5 and I randomly disconnected from xboxlive. Usually I can re-connect within 10 seconds. I couldn't reconnect. So I went to test connection. I got an error for connecting to xbox live. Oh and one thing since I was at the dash I deleted cod5 off of my hd because I had it stored and it was taking up space. So I reset my modem.
    It let me connect to xbl but it said no friends online. So I went to sign off and sign back in. Then it told me I couldn't connect. So i went and tested my connection again. Couldn't connect. This went on for a while. Finally when I connected and had friends online I went to play cod5. As soon as the screen went black from me getting ready to load it my xbox froze. Now it started the disconecting and re-connecting again. I was still online on my computer and navagating from page to page so I knew it wasn't my internet.
    With the game freezing everytime It gets ready to load the main menu I decided to try playing without my harddrive. It worked fine. So I reformatted my hd.
    Now when I went to recover my account it said account creation is unavailable. Then I decided to try my other harddrive. I still couldn't connect and still couldn't recover my account. So obviusly now I'm really pissed off. Anybody know what the hell's going on?

    Oh and also on my other Hd it freezes when I hit recover account. Love the damn NXE

    Nvm just read this Xbox LIVE Status. Still doesn't explain the freezing though =/

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