Solved Xbox E74 1022 error code HELP

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    alright well a couple of months ago I bought a xenon xbox and jtaged it myself. Worked fine it already had a basic X-clamp mod ( it had some bolts with 1 metal washer + 1 plastic washer )
    done and was working great. after jtagging i never put the motherboard back in the metal casing i had it on a cardboard sheet keeping it off my carpet. Stayed ok for a while then i started getting error 0020 which had something to do with GPU/CPU i researched it and someone had said about the pressure of the bolts from the X-clamp. so i unscrewed the bolts slightly finding the right pressure and it actually worked. About every 2-3 days i would have to do this to boot the xbox.
    but eventually it started getting another error...
    it started getting error 0102 , i read it was basically the same as error 0020 ... so i still did the pressure thing and it worked to but only for a week. It got to a point where pressure didn't matter it would still do 0020 but untill i found the right pressure spot it would instantly go back to 0102.

    So after awhile of never using my jtaged xbox i decided to try to fix it.. i read alot of stuff i could do including using a heatgun or baking or simple penny tricks... the first thing i tried was baking it put the board in its casing unhooked the fan and laid it over the CPU and let the gpu bake.. first time it worked on first boot. second boot it gave 0102 then i tried baking again gave 0102 and a 0101 it had something to do with a usb connection... it also gave an error 0022 so i was really starting to get ticked... so i baked it again this time with out the fan... on the CPU and it gave me 1 red ring or E74 error 1022 ive did research on it but im not sure what to do next

    Does anyone know what i should do next?? I've thought of buying a heatgun and reflowing it... , but i really could use some help as I am very clueless at this point on what to do :unsure: please help me!
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    you should of just reflowed the first time... all those tricks are retarded. I would send it to someone considering how screwed up it seems to be...
  3. Mocking Da Bird

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    Send it in. You should have considered that first. I recommend [member=icy-tank].

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