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Double XP for second help session in a day!
Greetings, Ambassadors!
We know you’ve been chomping at the bit for some more challenges. We’ve been doing some heavy noodling on just what kind of challenges would be best and have cooked up some interesting ideas! This particular challenge is going to test your grit and vigilance.
The requirements are simple: answer questions in the morning, get double XP in the afternoon. And by “the morning” we mean “AM Pacific.”

So how does that work?
When you take at least three questions from the Ambassabank or the Megabot between 12:01 AM Pacific Time and 12:00 PM Pacific time, then all of your bot/bank assists between 12:01 PM Pacific and 12:00AM Pacific that evening will be at double XP. It’s that easy! It starts tomorrow 5/31 and will be running through next Friday 6/7. Bonus XP will be awarded once the challenge is over.

Forum assists are awesome, and will continue to earn their regular XP, but the bonus XP is just for chats!

There are plenty of questions to help out with outside of your usual hours so we’d like you to try to stretch the amount of coverage you provide as an Ambassador. Well, what are you waiting for? The sooner you start, the sooner you can get those boosts going! Head on over to the Ambassabank of Questions, get Skype and the Megabot going, or both! Instructions for adding the Megabot are right here if you need them and as always the Ambassy is waiting for your questions.

Happy Helping!


Why should I join the program?
Level up and earn lootby answering questions on the Ambassabank of Questions, Ambassador Chat and the Official Xbox Support Forums (00 and 02-14). The more you answer & the higher your fellow customers rate you, the faster you can reach Level 15!
Track your stats on your Ambassador Profile page and the official Ambassador Chat and Forums Leaderboards.
Access to the Private Ambassadors Forums on the Xbox.com Forums.
An Ambassador Forums icon that shows off your Ambassador Levelto sport your Ambassador pride
Warm fuzzy feelings when you help!
I applied, but it says I’m already in the program?
The reason you are seeing this message is due to one of the following reasons:
You are already in our program records as a valid, active Ambassador
You were initially denied from entry into the program
You have already applied and are still in our pending queue of applications (processed Tuesdays & Fridays)
You were removed from the program due to one of the following reasons:
Violating the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use or Code of Conduct
Violating the Xbox Ambassador Community Guidelines
Inactivity of greater than 60 days
Not upholding the standards of the Ambassadors program
Tweet @XboxSupport or make a post in the Support Forums indicating you’ve seen this message, and our support agents will swoop in to assist.
What happens after I join?
When you apply you’re placed in the queue for an Xbox LIVE Enforcement background check. As long as your account is active, and if you haven’t had any enforcement actions taken against you and your Xbox LIVE bio & profile are clean, you will likely receive an acceptance email.

PLEASE NOTE: Your acceptance email will be sent to your contact email address on file, not your Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows LIVE ID). To confirm you have the correct information, please go to www.live.com and account settings and make sure everything is up to date.

Your Microsoft Account – the email address you use to sign into Xbox.com – is what you must use to be able to communicate with users on Messenger and the Ambassabank.

If it has been longer than one full week since you sent your application and you have not received a response, please Tweet @XboxSupport or make a post in the Support Forums and our support agents will swoop in to assist.
Do I receive a friend request from the Ambassador Chat account?
Once approved, all you have to do is manually add [email protected] on your Windows Live Messenger friends list, and you will see the account come online. When logging onto Messenger, you’ll want to use the valid Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows LIVE ID) that you registered with when applying for the program (this is the email address you use when you log onto Xbox.com and is associated with your Gamertag).

Once you have added the Ambassador account, as long as you are an active Ambassador, you will be setup to receive questions. If you are not an Ambassador, you will not get any questions, even though you see the Ambassador account online.
So what’s this leveling system? How do I level up?
Starting November 21st, the Xbox Community Ambassadors program will introduce new levels that can be achieved by earning XP and completing the tenure requirement for each level.

You will be awarded XP for participating in Ambassador Chats, Ambassabank of Questions and making helpful posts in the Official Xbox Support Forums (00 and 02-14).

To earn tenure, you simply must remain active in the program, by completing at least one chat or making a helpful post in the Support Forums (00 and 02-14) every 60 days. If 60 days pass without completing a chat, your account will stop accruing tenure until you chat again. For a full breakdown of the XP and Tenure requirement for each level, please refer to the matrix below: Please note that for existing members, 10/15/2011 is the oldest possible tenure start date, in accordance with the official launch of Xbox Community Ambassadors. If you were part of the Xperts Beta Program and completed chat conversations before that date, you will still get to keep your XP from those conversations; however, your tenure start date will become 10/15/2011.
Once you’ve achieved the requirements for a given level, you will receive an email notification that you’ve leveled up, along with tokens for the items associated with your new level. Please allow up to 3 days from the time you leveled up to receive your email notification and new Level badge on your Forums Gamercard.
How do I earn XP in the Support Forums?
Ambassadors can earn Forum XP by making helpful posts in the official Support Forums, specifically forums 00 and 02-14. The Xbox Forum Support Team holds primary responsibility for awarding XP for helpful posts, so be sure to review the following guidelines posted by Miss Portia. If you’re already an Ambassador, you can view the full forum thread here.
Make sure your posts are detailed where appropriate. Links to support.xbox.com resources when describing a solution are welcome!
Make sure you are not posting something that has already been posted in the thread. However, if you have something to add to that solution, that will be counted!
If the OP has mentioned that their issue has been resolved, then further suggestions or posts will no longer be counted. This also goes for posts that have been verified by the OP, as this indicates their issue is resolved.
Check the time stamp of the original post, and don't bump threads that are months old in order to find something to answer. Likely these issues are older, already resolved, and not likely to help the OP.
Check to ensure your post is accurate and contains valid steps for the OP's issue. Suggestions that would not help with the issue at hand (i.e., a display resolution issue where an incorrect response might be "clear your cache", while "Reset your display settings" would be correct) will not be counted. Valid and accurate steps will increase your chance of getting your post counted and/or Verified, giving you the XP bump!
Check your tone for friendliness! Posts with condescending or negative tone will not be counted, and may result in review of your Ambassadorship.
What is the Ambassabank of Questions, and how does it work?
The Ambassabank of Questions is a page on Ambassadors website that allows Ambassadors to view all questions being asked at any given time, listed from questions as old as five minutes (shown at the top) to questions being asked right this moment (shown at the very bottom of the Ambassabank). The Ambassabank can be accessed via the Ambassbank Tab on Ambassadors.Xbox.com. Ambassadors can answer what questions they want by clicking on the chat bubble containing that conversation and then accepting the question within the pop up window. Ambassadors must be signed in on an active Ambassador account to view the Ambassabank of Questions. Ambassadors will earn experience points (XP) from Ambassabank conversations in the same manner they would from questions taken through Ambassador Chat.

To take a question: Click on the chat bubble containing the question you’d like to view. You will see the full question in the pop-up menu. Click “I’ll take it!” to begin the conversation. Please note that Ambassabank Chats are first come first serve. If another Ambassador accepts the question before you do, the question will be unavailable, and you will receive an error message.

Supported Browsers: The Ambassabank of Questions is supported in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. The Ambassbank is not compatible with Google Chrome.

If you would not like to take a question: If you decide that you would not like to take a question after seeing the full query in the pop-up window, simply click, “Nevermind.”

To report the user as a troll: Click on the chat bubble containing the question you would like to view. If the question is vulgar, insulting, or otherwise inappropriate, you can select the ‘#Troll’ option shown in the pop-up window. You can also report a user as a troll within a chat by typing #troll at any time. However, please keep in mind that discretion is appreciated when reporting trolls – you might be surprised at the kind of earnest questions customers have, and we don’t want to deny any customer an opportunity to be helped!

“There are no questions to display:” If you see this message, then there are no questions available at this time.

“Sorry, but you already have a chat open from the Ambassabank:” If you encounter this error message, you already have an active chat from the Ambassabank open. Please keep in mind that you can only have one Ambassabank question open at a time. You can, however, have an Ambassabank conversation open at the same time as a standard chat conversation.

“Sorry, this chat is no longer available.” If you encounter this error message, please try accepting another question.

“Yikes! An error has occurred, preventing you from taking this question:” If you encounter the “Yikes!” error message, please wait 5-10 minutes before trying to take another question. If you encounter this error for a prolonged period of time, such as one hour or more, please make a post in the Ambassador Support Forum .

“The Ambassador Services could not be reached:” If you see this error for more than one hour, please tweet @XboxSupport with a report of the issue, or make a post in the Ambassadors Forums at Forums.Xbox.com.

“There are no questions to display:” If you see this error message, then there are no questions to display. Be sure to stay tuned for more questions!

Xbox LIVE Status: You can view the current status of Xbox LIVE in the top right side of the screen. This status is updated in real time and should be accurate.
What is expected of me as an Xbox Community Ambassador?
As an Ambassador, you can help people through Ambassador Chat, the Ambassabank, or by making helpful posts in Support Forums 00 and 02-14 at Forums.Xbox.com. Often this is as simple as helping a user find the right info on Xbox.com for their question.
Be polite, respectful, and honest- y’know, that “Golden Rule” thing.
Do not knowingly respond with misinformation, lies or false facts. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know.
Never ask a fellow customer for their name, Windows LIVE ID/Microsoft Account, billing information, etc. This is grounds for dismissal from the program and the Xbox LIVE service.
Always remember Ambassadors are *not* Microsoft employees and should not represent themselves as such.
You DO, however, represent the Xbox Community Ambassador program- so be courteous wherever you show your pretty, digital face!
Unpermitted use or impersonation of any Xbox Community Support brands including but not limited to the Xbox Community Ambassadors Program, the Xbox Forums Support Team, and @XboxSupport Elite Tweet Fleet may result in penalties including but not limited to removal from the Ambassadors Program, the Xbox.com Forums, and Xbox LIVE.
Xbox Community Ambassadors must abide by the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.
Xbox LIVE Terms of Use: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Legal/LiveTOU
Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/Legal/codeofconduct
Finally, if accepted into the Xbox Community Ambassador program, be sure to check out your fellow Ambassadors’ guidance for behavior in the Xbox.com Forums. It’s posted in the private Ambassadors Forum. If you’re already an Ambassador (and thus have access), check it out here.
What do I do if I want to change my Windows Live ID (Microsoft Account/MA) and/or Gamertag?
Due to the complicated nature of changing a Microsoft Account, we recommend that you keep your initially registered MA at all times (what you were logged into on Xbox.com when applying for the Ambassadors program).
If you have no choice but to change your MA, please Tweet @XboxSupport and our support agents will swoop in to assist.

To change your Gamertag, please log into your Xbox LIVE account and submit the Gamertag change. Once you have changed your Gamertag, please Tweet @XboxSupport and our support agents will swoop in to assist.

Do I need an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership to be an Ambassador?
Nope! Since this is a voluntary program, we welcome both Free and Gold accounts to be an Ambassador. However, the account must be active, or show at least some history of use. Have fun!
Is it for U.S. only?
Any English-speaking Xbox LIVE member is welcome to join, and the Ambassador Chat service is available to customers in most Xbox LIVE English-speaking regions (including but not limited to the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand). Please note, however, that the international differences across Xbox LIVE may limit your ability to help users in regions outside your own.
Should I recommend people to use Ambassadors Chat or ask for Ambassador assistance in the Support Forums instead of official Xbox support?
That’s your call! Our goal is to make Ambassadors Chat is a fun, low-stress way to get accurate help from fellow community members.
Something seems wrong/broken with Ambassador Chat. How do I submit feedback/a bug?
Please post a message in the Private Ambassadors Support Forum..
Something seems wrong/broken with Xbox LIVE. How do I submit feedback/a bug?
You can always start by checking the Xbox LIVE Status Alert page. If you’re still concerned, you can tweet @XboxSupport or make a post in the Xbox.com Support Forums

Why did I get rejected from the program?
We reserve the right to reject a user from the program without notice or reason, but the vast majority of rejections are because applicants have had some Xbox LIVE Enforcement action taken against them.

Please note: Official Microsoft agents on Twitter @XboxSupport and the Xbox.com Support Forums will be unable to provide further details regarding your case.
Why did I get removed from the program?
We reserve the right to remove a user from the program without notice or reason, but the vast majority of removals are triggered when we identify at any time that enforcement has been taken against your Xbox LIVE account.

Please note: Official Microsoft agents on Twitter @XboxSupport and the Xbox.com Support Forums will be unable to provide further details regarding your case.
I have questions that aren’t answered here. Where can I ask them?
If you’re already an Ambassador, please ask your questions on the Private Ambassadors Forum. If you’re not an Ambassador and you have questions, please feel free to tweet @XboxSupport or post in the Support Forums.
I have an idea on how to make the Ambassador Program even better. Where do I submit a suggestion?
Please post your suggestion on the Private Ambassadors Forum.
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When I was first selected I did a lot with the program, then it just got boring. Maybe I will give this a go...should be easy enough.


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so what are the benefits of being an ambassador?

Selena Gomez

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So much work for so little reward. I got accepted a while back and haven't done anything with it.


Courtesy of Doodle210
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new challenge up


The Kingslayer
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Ive been level 3 ambassador for months still never got rewards for it, what shouldi do?


Fire and Blood!
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I was an ambassador but haven't been active for years. Do you get kicked off for inactivity?


Courtesy of Doodle210
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I was an ambassador but haven't been active for years. Do you get kicked off for inactivity?
You will not be kicked off from the program as far as I'm concerned. Your profile will however be marked as 'inactive'
You will need to request for a reinstatement
If you use Twitter you can tweet at @XboxSupport or post in the AMbassador support forum and wait for a forum support agent to look into this for you.


Drunk MOTY 2011-14
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I've been one for ages but it's just MS getting the community to do their work for them. It's not worth signing up for in my opinion.

UM Zyce

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I've been one for the longest time.

Fluffy Bunny

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I just applied. Now time to sit and wait. :biggrin:


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I remember when I was an ambassador, then I got permabanned on my ambassador account. Sounds like a good promotion.


Courtesy of Doodle210
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Ambassadors March Mania Contest!‏
Look alive, Ambassador!

We’ve got an exciting opportunity for you today. How would you like to compete against your Ambassador peers in a no-helps-barred tournament of champions?! We’re pleased to announce the first ever March Mania contest, exclusive to Xbox Community Ambassadors!

From 12:01am PST on March 18, 2013 to 11:59pm PST on March 24, 2013, Ambassadors will earn points for completing Xbox Community Ambassador Activities. Earning 5 points will entitle you to an avatar sports item, but don’t stop there! These points will determine your eligibility for the March Mania tournament where sixteen (16) Ambassadors will go head-to-head for a shot at the Championship and grand prize!
Check out the point breakdown:
Qualifying Activities ------------------------------------- How many points the activity earns you!

Chat completed via the Ambassabank of---------- 1 point will be earned for each chat taken and
Questions. ------------------------------------------------ completed via the Ambassabank of
--------------------------------------------------------------- Questions.

Chat completed via MSN or Skype through ------- 1 point will be earned for each chat taken via
[email protected]. ------ Skype or MSN Messenger from
--------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected]
--------------------------------------------------------------- and completed.

Helpful or Verified post made in the forums at --- 1 point will be earned for every helpful or
Forums.Xbox.com. ------------------------------------- verified post made in Xbox Support Forums
--------------------------------------------------------------- 02-14 at Forums.Xbox.com.
To track your points earned, keep an eye on your assists count between 12:01am PST on March 18th and 11:59pm PST on March 24th. If you have any questions, please stop by The Ambassy! You’ll also find the full rules, along with more information on the tournament proper there.
See you in The Octagon!

I am iNSaNiTY

Getting There
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i got the to level 3 to get the crown, and then stopped all together, i wasnt helpful at all either lmfao


Courtesy of Doodle210
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i got the to level 3 to get the crown, and then stopped all together, i wasnt helpful at all either lmfao
Some people join purely for the acquirable loots.
You still worked for it, regardless of whether or not you were very helpful
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