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Unsolved Xbox 360S RGH2.0 Trinity won't boot to Dashboard.



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So I admit, I was stupid and careless doing this and I feel like a retard especially since it's not the first time I've already ****ed up my console, but I used Aurora to try to copy/paste the 17559 Xebuild 1.21 files to my flash/system storage and it overwrote the files now every time I boot up the console it won't show the image (I'm also using an HDMI cable since I don't have an AV cable) and it's kinda upsetting me. Not only that I tried to flash the console using the updflash.bin file but it's not registering in the USB port when I plug in my flash drive, and when I have the backup disc it gets stuck on "trying kboot.conf" and won't go past that message. What do I do? My flash drive is for a fact exFat32 formatted.
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