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Unsolved Xbox 360 Xenon GPU replacing.Is it worth the money to spend on doing

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Picked up an Xbox 360 Core edition console from Ebay recently.It was listed as spares or repairs as the seller informed me that it RROD on him after about 11-12 months after he bought it brand new.
When the console arrived through the post,i got it plugged up and it did indeed power up with 3 red lights,did the secondary error code which gave me 0021.
Stripped the console completely down and gave the board a reflow,using my hotair rework station.
Applied new/fresh thermal paste and put the heatsinks back on,popped the board back in the metal casing,popped the fan shroud in place,connected the DVD drive,pressed the power button and it booted up BUT with really terrible graphics corruption on the screen.I could just make out though that this Xenon board is still on the old Jtaggable blades style dashboard.
Now this is my dilemma.Is it worth me spending out the money to have the existing GPU chip removed from the board and have a replacement put on in place.I've have been quoted it would cost me around £35 UK pounds to be done.
I'm 99% sure that the GPU on this Xenon board is way past even attempting having it reballed and then refitted,that's why i was thinking of replacing with a new GPU which i can obtain from Ebay.
Will a reballed Xenon GPU (which will have better solder balls on it than the crap factory/lead free ones) last me any longer then a couple of months to a year.
Some modders say it's the actual GPU chip that fails on the Xenon boards,yet most say it was down to the poor quality solder under the GPU,CPU and RAM chips.
What's peoples thoughts on this.Is it worth spending out on to be repaired ?
Looking forward to your replies on this dilemma i have.

Update ------------------
Well i successfully managed too remove the GPU chip from the board.
Then proceeded to cleanup all whole area from solder and this is where it went tits up :frown: I think i must have had my soldering iron set too high temp and went and accidently bridged loads of solder ball points on the board.Ended up just making it worse by trying and trying to clean it up with solder braid.
So the board is in the bin (managed to remove and keep some good condition caps though,ready for my next Xenon board).
Learning by mistakes is not a good thing in my book lolol
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