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Unsolved Xbox 360 with "Christmas Lights" error



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I have a Xenon Xbox 360 which is displaying the 'Christmas Lights' error. I received the console like this. I opened it up and attempted to dump the NAND/CPU Key in the hope I could just reflash the NAND but it turns out I was not able to recover the CPU key using my JR Programmer.
When the console is plugged into my router, it displays the E52 error on screen. Upon searching I found this online:

E52 | 0310 | MFG-Mode: Unable to parse the host response | Reflow Southbridge and/or Restore NAND | It shows that when the console is in manufacturing mode, theoretically it can also be a Southbridge issue so reflowing might work. More likely is an improper NAND update though, so a software related problem. Could also be problem with Base64 encoding when sending commands.

I assume it was a banned console which came back from Microsoft, is there any way I can fix this, or is it now a parts console? My next step would be to attempt to RGH or JTAG the console and see if I can get Xell to load and give me a key.

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