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  1. sokoto

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    Alright yesterday I had everything working but for some reason today nothing is working. First I will explain how I am set up and what I am using.

    Windows Vista Home Premium- 64 bit
    I have a netgear router and I connect to a wireless network(netgear1) which is unsecured so that I am able to connect to it via my psp,wii and laptop.

    I want to connect my xbox 360 with a ethernet cable directly to my laptop ethernet and I want to be able to use xbox live.

    Yesterday I had it working what I did was bridge my connection then I unbridged my wireless connection and added sharing to it but for some reason today I cant get on xbox live with my set up I cant even pass the xbox live test from xbox to network.

    Please help me my aim is lilhockenut!

    I dont know where the edit button is but I also wanted to add that currently my network connections is not letting me click the allow sharing as of the last 5 minutes everything has went downhill and I am stuck so please help me ASAP!

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