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Unsolved Xbox 360 Trinity Viper Dual Nand v2 issues

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Hello, so this is one of my first installs on an RGH and also first time installing a Viper Dual nand v2. I have a Trinity motherboard and using RGH 1.2 with the muffin install technique on my Cool Runner Rev C with a Viper Dual Nand v2. I'm having issues with my dual nand not booting into the proper nand. I've posted pictures of my installation below. I've flashed my updflash (hacked nand) when the LED blinks twice and my original nand dump once it flashes once. Basically it seems like its always on the same nand and never switches. On the hacked nand I get perfect boots pretty much (mostly instant boots to 3-4 cycles). I'm using the install Type B as well. I was confused on the chip / 5v points. I assumed I wire the chip point to the 3v3 on my coolrunner rev c. Not sure if I should be using the 5v point I assume that's for the Ace 3 chips since they are 5v and the cool runner rev C is 3.3v. I'm not sure if I installed my viper dual nand correctly any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Here's my install: Link (imgur album)


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The viper has a very messy install. Did you use flux? if you did you clean it up? try desoldering the wires and trimming them because some of them are exposed. Are you sure that it touches the points and try reflowing the solder on the viper to the board again because it is possible that it didn't form a joint properly. Update me if you can. And you are using the right power point for the rev c so don't worry about that as long as it still boots into the RGH side. Try reflashing the viper dual nand and see if that does anything. Update me if more issues arise.
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