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Tutorial XBOX 360 SLIM - pseudo flash - using spare DG16D2S



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Hi all,

for those who want to play backups on slim xbox 360 and do not want to buy LTU2 board,
you can use spare old PHAT DVD drive, just follow my tutorial.

knowledge of doing RGH and DVD drive flashing,

What we need:
- RGHed SLIM console with known CPU and DVD keys
- phat DG16D2S drive /or any other easy flashable/
- hand saw
- PHAT dvd power cable
- hot glue gun

First I had to cut off the sides of the drive, bent metal as shown on the first 3 photos.
Then I flashed in Jungle Flasher LT firmware and using manual spoofing used DVDkey from XBOX so it will work with this DVD drive. I noted fw version and osig of the drive
Then I used J-Runner, used option Advanced/Patch nand/Patch Key Vault and set osig of the drive J-R saved updflash_patched.bin
I loaded it again in J-Runner, used NOfcrt option in Patches/Dashlaunch and create Xebuild Image.
Then I flashed the file in Xell, and viola, DVD drive is working and plays burned backups.
Xbox can now be assembled, but I had to use DVD power cable from phat drive, because original slim DVD power cable is too short.
After complete assembling, I had to modify the front of the DVD tray, as it is not same as slim,
and the front plastic need to be glued with 2 compound glue, hot glue gun or silicone glue (or any other)
I used first pieces of hot glue to set correct space, then 2 coupound glue to keep it solid. Next day after glue hardened,
I used hot glue to fill all space and make it nice.
(I tried to insert slim tray in the DG16D2S , but it has little differeent molding, does not close completely)

Any other ideas ? :smile:





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