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News Xbox 360 RGH Raffle - In collaboration with the X360 Modding Community!

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Hi folks!

We're pleased to announce that we've teamed up with Cheez Cheez , TheLazyITGuy TheLazyITGuy , and SendingThruHardware to raffle off a RGH Xbox 360, with all proceeds raised going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The Console
The winner of the raffle will receive an Xbox 360 RGH.
The console is a Phat Tonasket Revision (Jasper V2 with Kronos GPU) RGH 1.2 and comes with:
A 2TB Hard Drive,
Custom BCRF Paint Job, LEDs
Pink/Black Xell build
1 Controller and a Power Supply
The console will come pre loaded with XexMenu, Aurora, Dashlaunch and Proto Stealth.
No Games, Mod Menus or any other software is included, it's up to the winner to load up their favorite games.

To enter the Raffle, click here!

  • The Raffle is live from October 1st 2023 and will end October 31st 2023. The Winner will be picked between within 3 days.
  • Every $5 donated via the Team Donation Link will get you 1 entry to the raffle, you can donate as much as you like. (1 Entry = $5, 3 entries = $15...)
  • When donating the charity page you must leave your Discord Name in the Donation Comments.​
  • Please ensure your Donation Amount is not made anonymous, if it is, your donation won't count as an entry!​
  • Winner will have 7 days to reply to contact from Cheez Cheez (thisischeez) via Discord. If a response is not received in 7 days a new winner will be chosen.​
  • This raffle is limited to the following countries: USA, Canada, UK.​
  • Shipping in the US will be covered fully, shipping outside the US will be covered up to $50 (All options will be taken to ensure shipping cost is as cheap as possible to avoid the winner paying any fees).​
  • If the winner is outside the US all duty/import taxes and fees are the responsibility of the winner.​
  • You must be be a member of at least 1 of the participating communities: Se7ensins, ConsoleMods.Org, The Xbox 360 Hub, ModvilleUSA or the OG Xbox & 360 Modding Facebook Group.​

A special thanks goes out to the following communities on behalf of the guys running the raffle:
The Xbox 360 Hub
The OG Xbox & 360 Modding Facebook Group

Se7ensins is not running this event and as such takes no responsibility and will not be liable for any loss/damages that may arise by participating in the event.
By participating in this event you confirm that you understand the above, you are taking part at your own risk, and you agree to relieve Se7ensins of all legal responsibility.
The Raffle is hosted by Cheez via The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and as such, if you have any issues, please raise with the relevant party.​
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I can't wait for payday what a worthy cause and a nice raffle to drop a big one on <3

Prince Charles GIF
Wow love the console I wish I could go about donating for this to enter but have no money atm, But would love to maybe purchase a console like this soon. Love the entire design. Are there any consoles like this for sale. just like this!
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