Xbox 360 Rapid Fire controller Wont turn On

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    Ok i recently bought a rapid fire controller kit and installed it.the first time i turned it on eveything worked great. i then got off the xbox and turned everything off.i returned a couple hours later andthe contoller wouldnt turn on. i battled with it then when it turned on finally after unplugging the batery pack(rechargeable) snd plugging it back in and pressing on and soon it turned only problem is that it wouldnt connect to the xbox even if i pressed connect. I tried to turn on my other controller not modded and it worked great. so i left that one on and got the modded to turn on and it connected to second player but not first.i played like that and everything was great till i got off for a long period of time.I tried to turn on the controller the following morningand IT WOULDNT TURN ON AT ALL i spent 6 hours messing with the controller battery and even went and bought a plug and play kit and it still didnt work.SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.