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  1. sniperviper76

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    Well tomorrow I'm going to get all my tools for taking apart my Xbox 360 and Things.
    My Free Xbox data migration kit (yes there is ways to get it for free still just ask me)
    is on its way,So i have that.
    I have two questions though,
    1.what tools will i need for modding and opening Xbox and all that stuff please post what you think i will need.
    2.Can you please post any modding programs for any of these games,OK well the games I'm gonna mod or try to (big list) Red Faction:Guerrilla,Gears of war2,castle crashers, mirrors edge,saints row2,mercenaries 2,Halo 3,civilization revolution,GTA IV,Forza motorsports 2,army of two,dead rising,EDF 2017,legendary,burnout 3 takedown,resident evil 5,banjo kazooie N&B.

    All Help Appreciated I know its a big list but please help me out guys i wanna get all my programs ill need to mod so post those please and maybe programs for these games and tools i might need.


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Thread Status:
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