Solved Xbox 360 Help Needed!


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Ok, so i bought my copy of modernwarfare 2 when it came out.
So i rushed home to play it and when i got home and put it in the xbox i got an error saying the disc was dirty or damaged blah blah blah.
So i figured it might have touched the disc before putting it in and i got a finger print on it.

I checked it and there was nothing visible that i could see. I came to the conclusion
that it could possibly be the disc. I returned it, got it swapped out. and now im getting
the same problem as before. it works sometimes but only for a little.

I thought i might be able to burn the game to my hdd and then launch it off of there so i wouldnt get a disc error. So i brought my hard drive and game to my friends house and used his xbox to burn the game to my hard drive considering my dvd is messed up.

I get home and try to launch the game from hard drive and it tells me i cant unless i have the same xbox it was burned to the hard drive from.
Is there anyway i can get around this until i get my dvd drive fixed?
I have an xsata so i can see the files on my hard drive... any possible way to get around the error i get when i try to launch from hard drive?

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