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Unsolved Xbox 360 Hard Drive Read-Only??!



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My hard drive seems read only, on partition 3 when i try to copy a gamesave and replace it doesnt do it. When i try to move one to my PC it just moves a fake ~30kb file. How do I fix this?


:frown: i just formatted my harddrive a hour ago too lol :frown: but i found the fix. If you have a newer elite the only xplorer360 that will work is the one in halo 3 toy box. In my experiences the other extreme 2 versions wouldnt let me manage files.

wtf now it doesnt allow me to edit stuff. i just modded h3odst into recent games 10 minutes ago. now its read-only again. :mad:
hmm seems if you unplug USB and plug it back in it fixes it. hopefully thats all it takes.:biggrin:
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