Xbox 360 data transfer?

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  1. steez

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    How is data transferred from the server to client and vice-versa on an Xbox 360? For example, on a PC, many games use API such as send() and recv() to transfer data packets... But I don't know much about console games in this sense.
    And if I were to look into the code of a game such as CoD, should I download a PC version or an Xbox 360 burned iso version? Cause the 360 version would seem to be exactly the version I want to mod, but I don't know if you can debug or look at the hex/code of a 360 iso.

  2. moeiscool

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    im sure those commands and what not are in the ISO
    i actually looked for obvious file names didnt see too many that obtained what i was looking for
    maybe some files are hidden or compressed in something
    if you can because obviously you seem more knowledgable than me
    try to take a look at a few things
    ill try to help anyway i can just PM me and ill add you on msn or smthn

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