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Unsolved Xbox 360 custom animation without Fakeanim?



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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I've heard it's really good for questions like these.
I have an Xbox 360 Jasper that I bought in a lot of 2, one was stock and one was modded which the purpose was to give as a birthday present to a friend. I was lucky enough to get it only for £15 free postage which was mental and to this day I have installed Aurora and Freestyle, all the main apps I need like XeXmenu and so on.
Since its got an original look but the firmware obviously is recent with the newer boot animation, I wanted to put the original animation on to finalise that old look but it turns out that of course 1) a modded 360 has a longer boot time than a stock, 2) using FakeAnim and adding a video adds more boot time if I don't want to delete the bootanim.xex file and 3) I've heard that its risky since it either wouldn't display the video or the console wouldn't boot properly anymore and I have to reflash which I don't want to go through the process of.

I watched a video on YouTube of a guy getting the old boot animation back by replacing the bootanim.xex file with an older one with the original animation and it apparently worked.

So to be sure without messing up an Xbox 360, is this possible? If so, since the video is in Spanish would anyone tell me how to do it? I really do not want to go through the process of reflashing the NAND and then corrupting it if something were to go wrong so I want to take the most caution possible.

I would love if any feedback were given :smile:
- Mubeen
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