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Unsolved Xbox 360 - Chips, Speeds, Differences and etc.



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Hey s7s, got a request for the community here.

Lately I've been archiving things for the Xbox 360 platform, as well as writing a definitive, in-depth guide for the 360 so people can understand how each exploits works (JTAG/RGH/R-JTAG, etc) as a concept. With several different chips on the market such as the Ace (V1/V3/V5), Matrix (V1/V3), Coolrunner, CR4XL, and more, I want to do write-ups on everyone, as well as catalogue them visually.

My request: Please leave your favorite set up, which exploit variant you've got experience with, and which chip you use on which board revision for the best result. I want to highlight one or two chips (Currently, I'm thinking the CR4 for features, and the Ace V5 for simplicity) to get newbies going. The guide is written for those completely new and afraid of hardware modding, as well as more experienced modders that might want to explore the 360 to a deeper level and get things such as voltage pinouts, chip names, etc)

Thank you, look forward to seeing your input!
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