XBMC 360 Youtube problem!

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  1. ffcfoo

    ffcfoo Newbie

    Hi, I got the latest XBMC and XBMC 360! When I go to youtube it just shows a list of videos but I cant click anything! It is all black and still! Does anyone no how to fix this?:cursing:
  2. ODST Liger

    ODST Liger Newbie

    sorry man, but how do u put xbmc on a 360???
  3. telittleone

    telittleone Newbie

    I'm pretty sure he means MC360, and I'm pretty sure that the youtube script included with MC360 is outdated. A script that works quite marvelously is navi-x, which you can download from here: Navi-X Media Browser - Home Page

    Put it in your plugins or scripts folder, depending on which version you download. Load it up, and voila.
  4. VinnyHaw

    VinnyHaw Premium Premium

    okay, i had this exact problem a couple of months ago. i got help from that navi-x webisite.
    but you don't have to go there....cuz i can help you :smile:

    1: get the newest xbmc from here
    - http://t3ch.yi.se/
    3. use winrar to extract the file.
    4. after extracting, you should have a "xbmc" and a "tools" folder and a couple of random files.
    5. now grab the "tools" folder and the random files and put them into the xbmc folder.
    6. now ftp the entire xbmc into the E:\Apps directory into your xbox
    7. restart your xbox and launch xbmc

    8. for this tutorial i'm gonna be using xbmc360 skin. something i figured you'd have since you asked about it
    3. go to the "games" blade
    4. click on applications
    - then program plugins
    - then "SVN Repo Installer"
    - then xbmc-addons
    - then plugins
    - then video
    - and you'll find youtube(1.7.3)

    Edit: arghhhhhh, i just re-read the first post and realized that it was posted about 4 months ago. well if this still helps anyone, then please hit my "thanks" button

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