Solved X1 Story Mode Any 1 Know a Money glitch ?


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Guys I played GTA 5 on xbox360 pc I mean. Now I have it on my x1. I am exhausted. Playing missions makes me tired. I been searching on google/ forums/ reddit but all of them are old posts from 1 or more years ago. Pls someone tell me a fast money making method/glitch[in story mode] and save me from this misery.PS: I did assassination stock thing and I did like 5m but I spend it already.

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  • Look for $25,000 case on YouTube.
  • You will dive for a case. It’s located on the West Coast of SA on top of a crashed submarine/oil rig.
  • Once back on top of the water you will quick save.
  • You will pause and load the quick save you just made.
  • Once you load in you have the money from the previous case and a new case spawns.
  • You repeat the process. You dive again. Save again. Load the save again.
  • Profit.
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