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    Hey, everyone.

    As more of a proof of concept to myself and a sort-of entrance to RE, I created a tool called WoWHealBot. During my playthrough of vanilla WoW 1.12.1, I found playing a warrior quite tough and as such, I wanted to solve a problem of my own: multiboxing without having to worry about specific button presses or switching between windows. I'm sure a tool like this already exists somewhere on the interwebs but, I had never made something like this before. Here is the [Click here to view the link] for it (GitHub).

    The way HealBot works is it simulates a keyboard button-press event virtually and sends a key_down and key_up event to the specified WoW client window. So, with no memory editing, there is, I think, 0.0% chance of Warden or any sort of anti-cheat picking this up.

    Anyways, I'm sure more could be done with this and it's certainly not strict to healing but all else is untested. If you find use for this, feel free to use it or maybe some other beginners would like to take a look. Enjoy!
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