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    :cursing:So i downloaded the files neccessary to jailbreak my new ipod touch 2g found here so after i installed and setup and what not, i went to install the first thing on the list, ibUSB after the wizard opened and i went through it, i hit install, it installed, then it happened, my computer froze, right when the thing fininshed setup it was flashing orange and everything (im on vista 32 bit SP1 btw). so i had to restart my computer (i just held down the power button till it turned off) i turned it back on, started windows normally, and my Saitek Cyborg keyboard, and my Razer Lachesis mouse are totally dead, they wont work! they work yes, nothing is wrong with them, but they worked before installing the ibUSB! now they wont respond, i have tried restarting my computer, unplugging s**t and replugging it, so my thoughts are that

    1. it couldve been a virus
    2. my USB ports are now shot:cursing:
    3. SOME ONE HELP ME!!!!!!!
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    Post in the Help Desk in the comp section
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    Do other keyboards work?
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    Lib usb does do something with the usb ports where it ejects all of them for a second and then reconnects them so it is likely that your computer froze durring that.

    I would suggest downloading a Ubuntu live CD and booting in to that and checking to see if the usb ports work in ubuntu that will tell you weather they are completely shot or just not working in windows

    if your keyboard/mouse is wireless try to reconnect but if theirs a real problem try:

    i would try to use a PS/2 mouse plug in and try to re run it. they look like this [​IMG]

    if you dont have a ps/2 mouse you can buy a converter here
    if that doesnt work you can try to pop in your windows disk and repairing

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