Would you like to switch from PC to Mac?


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My first computers were a Ti -99/4A, I was basically forced to switch to Windows, which is what I used until 2010. I would notice that any computer I bought using Windows would run great in the beginning, and then would develop more and more problems as time went on, which required to cured by wiping hard drive and starting over. Upon it i play online games with steam keys very slowly.

When I obtained my first Mini Mac pc, I learned quickly that I was expecting a Mac to operate just like a Windows machine, and a Mac is a much simpler user experience. We have been so happy making the switch,
We found that once you get the hang if this, the software is fairly similar between Mac and PC. But there are several things that are horribly annoying about both.

PC, I hate that in Windows 10 configurations are split between Manage Panel and settings.
Mac pc, I like that the software much more polished, effective, and stable. Most programs are drag-n-drop, also a huge plus.

Therefore , was We happy once i switched to Mac? For some time. But We eventually managed to get back to PC, and haven't appeared back.

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I actually did the same thing. I had a Windows laptop and I decided to trade it in to Best Buy for a 2016 MacBook Pro and I feel like the User Interface is much easier to learn and everything is much easier to manage (in my opinion). One of the biggest downfalls of a Mac though is that you can't really play games on a Mac because it's not designed to do so.

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Where’s Justin Long when you need him?:roflmao:

I have a long history with both.
My family also had a TI 99/4 when I was growing up. I remember to use a program you would stick a cartridge in the slot. It was typical 70’s style with faux wood paneling.

I wrote my first program on an
Apple II C as many of us did since they had a contract with the government and supplied schools with computers for some time in the 1980’s.

My dad bought the very first Macintosh for $3K or so in the 80’s and many more after that.

I had owned and built a string of PCs without owning a Mac for some time.
In 2011 I bought a Mac Mini and have been hooked since. I also own an IMac, which I purchased more recently, an IPad Pro and an IPhone. They operate seamlessly in conjunction with each other.

As far as user friendliness goes Mac is by far the best. Using one is almost intuitive. My 2011 Mac Mini is as fast and efficient as the day I bought it.

Mac gives you all of your Essential software for free. You can download apps from the net but if you download from Apple Store you are guaranteed to never have a virus. As a matter of fact through a much simpler system on Mac it is seldom that it will be infected.

On PC it took a very long time for Microsoft to release a free anti virus for Windows. One of the greatest PC scams is Anti Virus subscribership.

Each time there is an update to a new OS on Mac you don’t pay for the new version. Which is one of my greatest dislikes about Windows. How much will I pay for the next wonky version of this OS?:roflmao:

You can even purchase a Mac with dual OS and use it as a Windows PC.
Although It still may not have the hardware to support some games you could still have as close to the best of both worlds as possible:wink:

You can also purchase and install Windows on your Mac as well which can be easily done by creating a drive partition. This is possible because Mac now uses the same Intel processors as the PC.

All of that said I still love gaming so
I have to own PCs as well. I have a gaming laptop and built a gaming desktop :tongue:

I like PCs I just don’t like Windows very much anymore. I much prefer Linux as an OS for PC although I have hacked a PC to be a Macintosh (AKA Hackintosh) as well:whistle:

What can I say...

I am all over the place :what:
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Maybe back when it first came out mac was a lot safer referring to the commercial N Navy Davey posted.

But I think you'd find that windows and Linux depending on your use is much better than MAC nowadays that commercial isn't true and its worse off now. Since Apple has made a plethora of enemies after a fair few upsets within the corporate and outside.


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Never. No amount of money could make me switch either.


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Probably not in my opinion, to me Macs do not have the computing power to run big time games.. but they are known for graphics.


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Nope! The only time I was willing to do this, when I was interested in making apps for iOS.
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