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Would this work?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by Luckkyyy, Feb 4, 2010 with 2 replies and 241 views.

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  1. Luckkyyy

    Luckkyyy Enthusiast

    Wouldn't you like to get anything free on the Xbox Live Marketplace, almost like having unlimited microsoft points

    I know how to take something from someones HDD who has bought something and find the content, but would it work if i put it in mine to use also or do you need a different license?

    Also once you download a game it saves your history of downloading the game, couldn't it also be possible to take the download history and transfer it to your account and then you download straight from the marketplace?

    Plus if the idea did work we could post the links of the content on Se7ensins so everyone could get everything free, it would make the community happy

    Im trying to figure out right now where the download history is and see if it would work.

    If you like this idea or want to try to see if it will work, feel free to message

  2. vnulol

    vnulol Getting There

    if only it were this easy
  3. rawrzorz

    rawrzorz Banned


    STFS and SVOD from Xbox Live are strong signed with the LIVE key pair. Only Microsoft has the private key and there is no way we can crack it because there are 2^2048 possibilities of keys (just from using MS Calculator, it came out to be 3.23 + e+616, that means move the decimal place over to the right 616 times, and Calculator rounds enormously so even that could be wrong).

    Licenses that lock to the console or profile as well as the digest of the content is transformed into that signature derived from the LIVE key pair, which means if it changes, the signature will be wrong when recalculated and compared.

    Download history is stored on the server and is only sent to you through cache/memory and clears it upon request of viewing your history again. So trying to manipulate that is also impossible. I don't exactly get what you mean "download strait from the marketplace," "marketplace" is only a menu with redirect links, the content is stored on the servers. The content is encrypted and can only be unencrypted by a key which is probably generated upon a successful transaction.

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