Would my plan work using the NXE?

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  1. stone telephone

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    Ok so me and my friend trade discs here and there, and his disk is scratched up and won't play most campaign, and sometimes doesn't load last resort, so say I went over to my friends house and burnt halo 3 to my hard drive(yes I'm aware of the risks)(and I would use his original disk but it can't read some things and won't burn) using my disk, go home and start the game using his disc would it all be loadable starting the game with the scratched up disc but loading off the hard drive, and would it be possible incase of needing room to back it up to my computer using xport and put it back any time I want?

    And sorry if you don't understand that but I'm in a hurry!

  2. Eazy B

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    Well I havent messed with the HD feature yet, but I think it should work. Unless microsoft went DRM crazy and bound each disk to a hard drive installation (unlikely). But people have been saying that certain things are still loaded from the hard drive, like the xex etc which make sense considering xex files do have flags that bind them to media types. I say try it and if it fails it was worth the try.
  3. ddxcb

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    All u need is to load the security sectors and there u go just rip it from a bran new disk and just use the scratch disk for loading the game + Halo 3 sucks playing from the hdd :wink:

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