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Patched workaround duplication glitch 2 players

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bofh nl

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Here is a workaround for the current duplication glitch, that doesn't require as much and no timing.
Confirmed working for myself and a few friends.

Player 1 (helper)
- Casino penthouse with garage and at least 1 vehicle inside
- Penthouse appartment with active heist (not the start or finale of the heist)
- Spawn location set to garage of the penthouse

Player 2 (duper)
- Moc with personal storage
- arena
- mc clubhouse
- faggio's (not in the clubhouse garage)
- all jobs shown on the map
- set jobs on closed so your the host

First steps:
Load both in an invite only session.
Player 1 goes from garage to appartment.
Walk inside the heist room facing the door with the alert of starting or joining heist left top of the screen.
Press start to open the menu, go to online and open CESP and back out.
Then hold start and A (on xbox) while hovering on CESP and release almost at the same time.
If done right you can open interactive menu while on CESP.
Hit the right D-pad and right bottom will show the menu of the heist.
Press Y (on xbox) and you will see the heist board.
Now walk forward trough the door and open interactive menu and go to apartment style.
Preview different styles untill the screen doesn't change if you go to the next style. (this may take a number of styles)
When its done, back out and you will be stuck inside. No door will be visible and you can't walk out.
You will now have no mini map.

Player 2 starts up the job Hit the apex on the casino parking and invites player 1.
directly go to confirm settings and go to view players.

Player 1 joins game and as soon as player 1 is joining kick that persone from the job.

Player 1 now is on the casino parking and enters the casino and goes to Tom and request a car valet from your garage .
This will end up in a black loading screen.

Player 2 starts up a job at the arena and invites player 1.
When joined player 1 will be stuck on the ground. Player 2 leaves the job and starts it up again and invites player 1.
As player 1 gets the alert of joining, Player 2 leaves the game and when on the ground give notice to player 1 to join.
Accept the error alert that unable to join session and player 1 is back on the ground.

Now player 1 is ready to help player 2.

Player 2 calles out the moc and places it near the arena with the blue circle showing and gives player 1 a personal vehicle that is not a faggio or the car that player 2 wants to dupe. Also register as an MC.

Player 1 goes to the corner near the job opposite of the arena inside the car of player 1.
Player 2 walks towards the entrance of arena and calls out a faggio trough the mc menu. This will not show on the map.

Walk inside the arena and go to ground floor, get inside the care you want to dupe and drive inside towards the workshop, and drive towards the exit on the left side of the office of the mecanic.

There place the car on the right side of the exit between the 2 obsticals so you have to teleport in and outside of the car.
if done correctly try a couple of times to teleport incase it moved after you got out of the car.

go towards the exit on the right side of the door when you get the alert of exit press Y and A at the same time.
you will get outside with the car.
Player 1 gets out of your personal vehicle and it disapears. Drive it to your moc and put it inside. The dupe is now saved.
Get inside your dupe and drive it outside and deliver it to player 1, who gets in.
Go to the arena, get a new faggio trough the MC menu and go inside to the ground floor to repleat.

I didn't found a youtube video of this glitch so i can't put it here.
If someone wants to help me make one for youtube it would make it a bit easier for everybody to understand this glitch.
my gamertag is: bofh nl
i am on xbox


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I'm sorry when I wrote it didn't say patched


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was to be expected. this glitch has been around for ages
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